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Sublue WhiteShark MixPro sale underwater electric sea scooter

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465 x 230 x 230mm




1.2m/s(2.68mph)- 1.8m/s(4.03mph)

Working Depth

40m / 130ft (depth limit)

Battery life

60 minutes* (normal use)

Battery weight



one¼"- 20 mount


Fast charger,Floater,Anti-lost lanyard,Smartphone mount122 Wh Li-ion battery

Optional accessories

98Wh Li- ion battery,Connector for MixPro,Non- slip grip stickers, Waterproof LED light,Selfie extension stick,Waterproof
backpack,Waterproof smartphone case

Product Description

Seabow Underwater Scooter - Explore Infinity
Seabow, the most powerful underwater scooter, is coming! 2 speeds up to 1.8m/s, 40m depth, max 60 mins battery life . MixPro's portable lithium battery is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to take on board.The sealed waterproof phone case can be fitted with a universal smartphone,which allows you to share your unique experience of the sea.

Capture amazing sights without boundaries
The underwater photography platform allows for mounts and accessories so that underwater photographic equipment is no longer aburden, freeing you to record more memories.


* The rated speed is the result of product test results and may be affected by user, user's swimwear and equipment,water
* The battery life is for reference and based on product test data. It is the average value of normal use in water.
* The scooter is designed for users 16+ years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while using the scooter.

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