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Self-tightening Body Measuring Tape

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The Self-tightening Body Measuring Tape is designed to make body measurements easier, faster and more accurate. Featuring self-tightening technology, this measuring tape adjusts to your body for precision measurements up to 100cm. Thanks to its easy-to-handle design, this product ensures a more efficient and comfortable experience compared to traditional measuring tapes.


two measure units: cm/cm, in/cm

Retractable Ruler: Centimeter Measurement

Model Number: Body Tape Measure

Measuring Ruler: For Fitness Weight Loss Measure

Measurement Range: 1.5 M

Measure any body part: Retractable Tape

Material: Plastic

MULTI-PURPOSE: Body measurement, tailoring, sewing, crafts

Fitness Measure Tape: Retractable Body Fat Weight Tape

Dual sizdes,meets your needs: Push Button Tape Retraction

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Certification: CE


Body Measuring Tape: Push Button Retract Soft Tape

Arms,thighs,calves,chest,waist,hips: cm/cm, in/cm in one side