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Outdoor Inflatable Mattress Portable Camping Travel Tent Peach Skin Velvet Damp Proof Mats Built In Inflatable Pump

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This durable Outdoor Inflatable Mattress boasts a peach skin velvet construction for ultimate comfort and moisture-proofing. Its built-in pump makes setup a breeze, ideal for camping or travel. With a 3-ply thickness, it is ideal for providing comfort, stability and support.


Type: Single / Three-Person

Storage size: 40x25x18cm (single) /40x35x20cm (double), 45x40x22cm (three)

Size: 198x99x36cm (single) / 198x150x36cm (double), 205x180x36cm (Three)

Origin: Mainland China

Name: Naturehike

Name: C20- Built In Pump Cloth Air Mattress

Model: CNH22DZ015

Material: Peach Skin Wool Fitted With PVC fabric, 6000Mha Built-In Electric Pump

Brand Name: Naturehike