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Memories Alive Picture Frame

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Elevate your memories with the Memory Filer Acrylic Digital 5 inch IPS Photo Frame Screen. With its 1000amh battery and 2G memory, your photos and videos will look stunning on the high-resolution IPS screen. Easily control the volume and play videos or pictures with just a touch of a button. Preserve your memories in style.

Motion Video Frame: Keep your most precious memories alive with our premium acrylic motion video frame 6.3 x 4.3 x 0.87 inch, boasting a 5" HD LCD screen, and 2GB internal memory support 480x 854 pixel videos or photos.

Decorate Your Home: The gorgeous acrylic frame is a beautiful addition to your desk or shelf, serving as both a functional electronic device and a decorative piece for your home or office.

Display Your Memory: Our photo frame features an internal speaker and 1000mAh built-in battery, allowing you to display your memorized photos and videos up to 2-3 hours of continuous playback time.

How to Upload: Edit your favorite videos and photos with 480 x 854px first, then simply connect the photo frame to your computer with the provided USB cable, load up to 2GB of videos or photos, and play them in sequence. You can delete old files and add new ones whenever you like.

Heartfelt Gift: Surprise your loved ones with this meaningful Memory Video Frame, Capture and cherish your most precious memories with this digital photo frame, allowing you to relive them in the most vivid and emotive way possible.

Upload your photos/videos to your Motion Frame at home. Simply plug in your Motion Frame to a Computer/Laptop and drag/drop your files onto the device (1.8G memory for client video picture upload)
If showed "NO File" on Screen or picture /video with some mosaic, pls check:

1: If you put video into Video FOLDER, picture into PICTURE FOLDER.  
2: Pls check your resolution is no more than 480*854
 Note: Not Support 1:1 format(picture and video)
3: All of our products not include the import tax. client need do this by themself after package arrive.



Display resolution: 854x480

External Memory: Yes

Built-in Memory Capacity: 1GB

Function: Video Playback

Model Number: GB-AR-SB500

Brightness: 250 Lumens

Package: Yes

Frame Material: Acrylic