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Kids Intelligence Gesture Sensing Remote Controlled Toy

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Gesture Sensing: The remote control robot toy has a gesture sensing function, the sensor receiver zone on the chest can respond quickly after receiving various gesture commands and move forward, backward, left and right accordingly.

Programming: The programmable kids robot toy has a One-button Programming function that can demonstrate a set of actions that the child enters through the remote control, and can input up to 50 motion commands so that kids can play their own imagination in play.

Patrol: After the patrol function is activated, the fun robot toy will move to observe. With its built-in sensor, the intelligent robot can detect and avoid obstacles encountered to avoid potential collisions.

Sing and Dance: The robot toy has a pair of bright LED eyes, which can not only walk, slide but also have the function of singing and dancing. Dynamic music and dance will bring more fun to children.

Battery: The robot can play for 60 minutes after charging for about 120 minutes! And you can easily charge it using the USB cable that comes with the robot.


Height:about 10.4in/26.5cm

Functions of SUNVERY RC Robot Toy

● Quick responses to various hand gesture commands.

● Intelligent programming, patrol and obstacle avoidance.

● Dancing, singing, and robot language.

● Moves forward, backward, left and right accordingly.

1.Sing and Dance

It can not only walk and slide but also sing and dance.

Powered by built-in rechargeable battery, the play time is 60 minutes on full charge of 120 minutes.

3.Remote Control
Directly point the remote to the kids robotic toy for controlling and programming.

4.Swift Wheels
The educational robot could move on smooth grounds effortlessly with the attached wheels.

Package Includes

You'll get 1 robot toy, 1 USB cable, 1 remote control and 1 user manual.