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Double-Fold Squeezing Mop Sponge

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Experience the power of double-fold squeezing with our premium mop sponge! Durable and highly absorbent, this sponge removes dirt quickly and efficiently from any surface, saving you precious time and effort. So why settle for just one fold when double-fold squeezing is designed to deliver unbeatable results? Try it today and unleash the cleaning power you deserve!

This premium-grade, double-fold sponge is built for enhanced absorption for a more efficient cleaning experience. Its innovative design boasts two layers of textile material, providing superior durability and absorbency compared to other mop sponges. Its ultra-dense construction enables maximum absorption of cleaning solutions with minimal effort, making cleaning jobs faster and easier.


  • Capacity:>701ml
  • ShapeRectangle
  • Pole MaterialSteel
  • Corrosion Resistance GradeGrade 5.0-5.9
  • Absorption:<10 seconds
  • Mop Rod TypeHoisting Rod + Stainless Tray
  • Mophead Quantity:1
  • Wringing MethodFolding Type
  • Mop Head MaterialPP
  • Packaging1 Mophead