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Mini Home Wifi IP Camera

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1080P video
up to 25/30fps

Human Detection

Night Vision



Diversified Storage
Up to 256GB SD card

Alarm Notification
Sends Instant Alerts

Built-in Siren
Scare stangers away

Compact and Smart

With a compact design, you can put Cue 2C anywhere in your home.

Human Detection

Powerful image processing technology quickly finds human targets in images and immediately sends a notification to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor what matters without receiving annoying false alerts

Hear What's Happening

The high-quality microphone picks up sounds clearly while monitoring.

Abnormal Sound Alarm

Sends instant alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects a baby crying or other abnormal sounds, keeping you aware of what's going on at home from anywhere.

Super Wide Viewing Angle

108° diagonal field of view allows oversight of an entire room.

24/7 Protection

Night vision mode automatically switches on and off. Advanced IR algorithms provide clear picture even in complete darkness.
Of course, if you don't want to turn on the infrared, Cue 2 ip camera supports manually turning off the infrared light in the imou life APP.

Customizable detection zone

You can customize detection zone to focus on the space you truly care like your children' Bed.

Multiple uses

The small size allows you to install cue 2C anywhere indoors.

More Installation options

Ceiling or side installation, Mount it directly on metal surface with the magnetic bracket. After the ceiling is installed, you need to set the image flip in the imou life APP.

Multiple Storage Options

With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The WiFi camera can even save to all three locations at the same time for added backup in case the camera is damaged, or your network crashes.

Micro SD card

Supports 7*24 continuous recording in Micro SD card (up to 256GB). You can playback in double ,quadruple, sextuple speed.

Imou Cloud storage

A free 30-day trial is available for every new registered Imou device.Cloud video storage is based on alarms, let you never miss the moments.

NVR Storage

Any NVR supporting Onvif protocol is applicable, recommend use Imou NVR, it can pairing with imou camera automatic.

Smart Home Connection

Support smart home connection, it works with Alexa and google home.

Multi-users & Multiple View

Supports multiple users to view simultaneously on iOS/Android and PC, allowing you to share your camera with up to 6 friends and families for good moments.

Security at Your Fingertips

With Imoulife APP, you can capture, save, protect, and share what’s valuable to you.

Cue2C Indoor Wifi Camera


1/2.7” 2 Megapixel Progressive CMOS
2MP(1920 x 1080)
Night Vision: 10m(33ft) Distance
3.6mm Fixed Lens
Field of View : 89° (H), 46° (V), 108° (D)


Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11b/g/n,50m Open Field
Imou App: iOS, Android

Auxiliary Interface

Micro SD Card Slot (up to 256GB)
Built-in Mic & Speaker
Reset Button

Video & Audio

Video Compression : H.265/H.264
Up to 25/30fps Frame Rate
16x Digital Zoom
Two-way Audio


DC 5V 1A Power Supply
Power Consumption:< 3.1W
Working Environment: -10°C~+45°C, Less Than 95%RH
Dimensions: 68 × 33 × 106.6mm (2.7 × 1.3 × 4.2 inch)
Weight: 69.6g (0.15lb)

Notice Management

Motion Detection
Human Detection
Configurable Region
Abnormal Sound Alarm

- 1x Camera
- 1x Quick Start Guide
- 1x Power Adapter

- 1x Power Cable
- 1x Mounting foam sticker

✔ Step 1

Search “Imou life” in Google Play or App Store to download and install Imou App.

✔ Step 2

Run Imou App, and then register an account for first use.

✔ Step 3

Connect the camera to power source with the power adapter.

✔ Step 4

Wait for booting to be finished, and then the camera indicator flashes with green light.

✔ Step 5

Connect your smart phone to your Wi-Fi network, and make sure your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi network with 2.4 GHz band, and then do the following operations to finish adding camera.

Note: ● If you have more than one camera, do step 5 to add them one by one.
● If the Wi-Fi network changed or the indicator status goes wrong,reset the camera, and then do step 5 to add it again.

How do you modify the device's photo/name/channel name/password in the Imou Life app?

There are two methods to modify device information. First, login to your account in the Imou Life app:
Method 1: Go to the preview page then click the setting icon in the top right corner. Then, go to the Device Settings page by tapping the camera feed image in the top right. On this page, you'll be able to change the required settings.
Method 2: Tap Me -> My Device -> select the desired device device -> tap the camera feed image, and then you'll be able to change the required settings.

How many devices could a Imou account added?

There is no limitation on the number of devices you can add.

How do I update the device's firmware?

Log in to your account in the Imou Life app, go to the preview page then click the gear icon in the top right corner, then go to the Device Info page. Now, select the Cloud Upgrade option to check for new firmware. If new firmware is available, you'll be able to start the update.

I'm changing my Wi-Fi network, so how do I get my device online?

(1) To connect to a different Wi-Fi network, press the Reset button for 10 seconds to reset the camera, then reconnect to Wi-Fi when the red and blue light flashes.
(2) Open the Imou Life app, go to the camera preview page, click the gear icon in the top right corner, then click on "Wi-Fi" and follow the prompts.

How much of my outgoing Wi-Fi bandwidth does Imou consume?

When the video is set to HD, the average bandwidth consumption is 1Mbps. If it is set to SD, the average bandwidth consumption is 512kbps. (Bandwith requirements can vary by model, as higher resolutions require a higher bandwith.)

I am unable to access my camera remotely

(1) Please make sure your camera is connected to internet.
(2) Please make sure your smartphone has internet access. If not, please check the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network configuration of your smartphone.
(3) If your smartphone's signal is too weak, you may not able to view your remote camera as well. If your internet speed is good but you still cannot stream the camera, please contact .

How do I add my camera to a new Imou account?

For security reasons, a camera can be bound to only one Imou account. If you want to transfer your camera to a new account, please delete it from the previous account first.

How to select memory card capacity?

1. For 2MP resolution cameras, a 64GB memory card can be used for 6.5 days;
2. For 4mp resolution cameras, a 64GB memory card can be used for 3 days;
3. Automatically cover the previous video after full storage

NVR cannot add a third-party camera

Make sure your IPc must support ONVIF protocol

How do I share my device with family and friends?

(1) Log in to your Imou account in the Imou Life app.
(2) Select the device you want share, then go to Preview page.
(3) Select the share icon in the top right corner.
(4) Select "Device Share".
(5) Select Add User to Share, enter their Imou account details then click save icon on the top right corner. To stop sharing with the account, you can select Cancel.
(6) The account you shared with will now have access to the device. This account can preview and playback footage, but can't modify device settings.
(7) Each device can be shared with 20 accounts.
(8) Enjoy sharing!

I forget my device password?

Press and hold the device RESET key until the indicator turns red (it takes 10 seconds), then you can reset the device password.

How much of my outgoing Wi-Fi bandwidth does Imou consume?

When the video set to HD, the average bandwidth consumption is 1Mbps, if set to SD, the average bandwidth consumption is 512kbps.

How can I view the video recorded in SD card?

login into your Imou account, go to preview page then click “View history record”, and then select the recorded video you want to view in calendar page.

Can I set human detection region?

No, you can only set detection region for motion detection, instead of human detection.