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Herbal Fat Granules Eyes Cream

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Freshen up your look with this powerful Herbal Remove Eye Cream! Our all-natural wrinkle remover, with Vitamin E, deeply moisturizes and firms the delicate skin around your eyes, helping to fade fine lines, remove eye bags and even fat granules. With this essential cream, your eyes will look brighter, younger and more vibrant!

Experience the nourishing and firming effects of this all-in-one eye cream. Infused with herbal remove fat granules, it helps to reduce bags, wrinkles, and fine lines for a youthful, glowing appearance. Vitamin E moisturizes and brightens, leaving delicate skin around the eyes looking smooth, soft, and refined.

This nourishing and hydrating eye cream helps to restore elasticity, firmness and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags. Formulated with natural herbal remove fat granules and Vitamin E, it helps to nourish, moisturize and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes. With regular use, it helps to keep the eye area healthy, soft and smooth.


Use: EYE

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Weight: 30G

Item Type: Cream

Ingredient: Vitamin E, Soy lecithin, Wheat germ oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Witch Hazel

Gender: Unisex