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Dark Knight Male Masturbator

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DARK KNIGHT Male Masturbator Vacuum Electric Cup



Product name

Dark Knight Masturbation Cup



Inner Sleeve Cup Size

Insertable Diameter: 2.2in/5.5cm;Particle length: 0.4in/1cm

Inner Sleeve Cup Hight

4 3in/11 cm

Masturbators Cup Size

Insertable Length:5.9 in/270cm(your Dildo can reach)

Package Dimensions ‏

16.06 x 4.72 x 3.82 inches; 2.31 Pounds


7 (360°) Automatic Rotation Modes & 

3 Thrusting Motion Speeds

Water Resistance

NOT Waterproof

Quick USB charge

"DC" jack is for charging(another jack is for headphone).

It will take 2 hours to be fully charged.

Running time

Approx. 90min (Full Power)

Package List

1*Male Masturbator; 1*Sleeve Cup; 1*Charging Cable; 1*Headphone; 1*Suction Cup; 1*Lube



Thrusting Rotatiing new upgrade

Your vision of retraction, rotation, sensuality, sound, sight, actresses is all in the Dark Knight

  • Future black technology
  • One-button burst
  • Cutting-edge technology, and turbocharged architecture reconvergence brings unimaginable strong power to promote the high-speed expansion and rotation of the cup body at a hair trigger!


More efficient than the male sprints bet you won't last three minutes

Forward spin

Reverse spin

Five upgrades that once again defy your imagination

It's a fusion of future black tech

Multiple stimulation of sexual experience, comprehensive upgrade, subversion of imagination

One-button burst

Expansion and rotation


Adult Sex Toy with One-Click Climax

When close to finishing, you can press a "lightning" button. In this mode, the thrust and rotation of this sex toy for male will reach the highest level in an instant. This adult sensory toy will be long-lasting, and quick, swallowing, and rubbing your bro, providing you with great sex experiences.

with speed and passion

Feel 300 times/min piston movement

Strong power and large stroke telescopic rotation

Turbo adds patented new technology to stimulate power

Patent confidentiality details page structure does not represent the real structure!

Reload and upgrade three

Fully intelligent long distance piston

When the piston moves, the whole pressure, all with crisp crisp from the root to the head put it in and don't want to take it out

Wearing headphones is more comfortable than anyone knows

It's a double pleasure to contain and shrink

Fleshy retractable whole root wrap from head to tail

Every night is like the first night. It's new every time

Upper large particles rub the penis

Lower particles rub the glans

The impulse burst in an instant

Piston movement, the whole pressure, the whole root crisp

The impulse burst in an instant

Piston movement, the whole pressure, the whole root crisp


Heating around is like entering a warm hole

With the speed of expansion the temperature slowly brings a response from top to bottom permeating with warm love

Along with the expansion of the speed of temperature slowly brings a response from top to bottom add through the volume of love dare

Go to sleep when you're done

Only clean the inner liner, the machine should not be flooded

Disassembly and washing procedure

Step 1. Take out the liner

Step 2.Wash it under the tap

Step 3.Easily place the liner into the machine

Release hands free multi-angle

Play different positions with your goddess

Angle responsibility meaning adjustment

On the table

In the harbor room