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Camera Cage Rig For Canon/Nikon

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This professional camera cage rig is designed to securely hold Canon and Nikon cameras, offering stability and ease of use. The versatile cage works with a variety of lenses and accessories, allowing for optimal photo taking and video recording. The rig provides strong protection and a comfortable grip.


suitable for 1: Panasonnic GH5/GH4/GH3/GH2, etc

suitable for: Sony a58,A99,a7,a7II

product name 8: Cage for Sony a58,A99,a7,a7II

product name 7: Cage for GH5/GH4/GH3/GH2

product name 6: CAMVATE Cage

product name 5: Adjustable Camera Cage

product name 4: Dual-Use Adjustable Camera Cage

product name 3: Camera photography accessories

product name 2: Camera Accessories

product name 1: Photography accessories

fit for 1: Nikon D7100,D7200,D300S,D610,DF

fit for: Nikon D3200,D3300,D5200,D5500,D7000,

compatible with4: Canon 50D,700D,100D,1200D

compatible with3: Canon 5D Mark III 600D,550D,500D,450D,760D

compatible with2: Canon 5D Mark IV, 5DS,5DSR, 50D,40D,30D,6D,7D,7D650D,

compatible with1: Canon 60D,70D,80D,90D,5D Mark II,

Suit or: Extendible Side Support Comes with Two Kinds of Sliding Bar (Fits C

Style: Super Sturdy&Convenient

Specification: Special Groove on the Bars for Width Adjustment

Photography Accessories Type: Photography Kits

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Name: Exquisite Wooden Top Handle&Handgrip

Model Number: C1726

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Feature: DSLR Camera to Mount Photographic Accessories

Characteristic: Plenty of 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Threaded Holes

Brand Name: CAMVATE