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Kapomi Ginger fat burning cream

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Discover a revolutionary way to reduce body fat with our Ginger Fat Burning Cream. Our advanced formula combines the power of ginger extract with other natural ingredients to help you slim down and achieve your desired shape quickly and effectively. Transform your body today with a massage cream that burns fat and gives you the figure you've always wanted!

Benefits: Proven to burn fat, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone, this all-natural cream is packed with 10% pure ginger extract, along with other potent ingredients. It’s proven to reduce body fat and help tone your shape without diet or exercise.

This luxurious cream contains pure Kapomi ginger oil, which is known to help reduce body fat and maintain a healthy metabolism. Its rich, textured formula is designed to be quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, allowing it to deeply penetrate the body and help speed up the metabolism. The pleasant, warming sensation during massage helps reduce fat and improve body circulation, providing a luxurious experience every time.


Suitable for any skin type

Number of Pieces: One Unit


Gender: Unisex


50g: 43mm x52mm

30g: 35mm x 40mm

20g: 27mm x 39mm