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Vaginal Detox Pills Yoni Suppositories Repair Probiotics Vagina Moisturize

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Experience balance and harmony with Vaginal Detox Pills Yoni Suppositories! Made with all-natural ingredients, these probiotic suppositories help repair and moisturize your vagina, vagina tightening, odor remove leaving you feeling balanced and fresh. Reclaim your power and experience total wellness of your feminine health today!

Experience lasting vaginal rejuvenation with these luxurious Vaginal Detox Pills Yoni Suppositories. The combination of probiotic repair and moisturizing essences work together to improve gynecological health, Cervical erosion, Abnormal vaginal leucorrhea and create a revitalized feeling of wellbeing. Enjoy a refreshed, healthier, and more balanced inner ecosystem.

Our Vaginal Detox Pills Yoni Suppositories contain natural probiotics to help repair and maintain a healthy vaginal pH balance while retaining essential moisture. With regular use, they can reduce discomfort and help keep the vagina clean and healthy.

Note: Very good for vulva itching, Dry vagina, vaginal ulcers, Fungal vaginitis


Specification: 600mg/piece

Quantity: 20 Pcs

Product name: Yoni Repair Probiotics


Material: Lyophilized probiotics

Item Type: Feminine Hygiene

Help: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, trichomonas vaginitis